Kellie Tulip

Whether its for commercial work, a private client or for a a bride’s big day

Kellie prides herself on her bespoke and professional approach and her ability to enhance each persons individual beauty and style.

We work with all clients from all backgrounds , locally and abroad, specialising in Bridal Hair..

A little bit about me more personally..

I am originally from Liverpool , I got married here in Ibiza 2014 and let me tell you, I have a new understanding for what it takes to plan your dream wedding and the importance of surrounding yourself with the best in the industry.

Since 13 I started as a Saturday girl in my Family’s salon, I always knew I had a passion for hair so when I left school I knew what direction I wanted to go in… Starting collage I was ahead of my game as I had been in the industry for years before. Taking part in competitions for styling hair from a young age.

Since qualifying I was salon based, furthering myself going on many courses and loving my craft, being a creative person I thrived in a Salon environment working with others. To get the opportunity to build a career on my passion for making people feel like the gorgeous humans they are, I grabbed it!

The Salon was born in March 2008 my own salon I was 23 , I was getting to create something beautiful everyday and wow the reactions I got after doing clients hair just warms my heart. As I was so passionate I went on to teach in the local collage and gain my qualifications for this..

3 years after opening the business I made the move to Ibiza but kept The Salon and went back and Forth for 8 years , which I loved . In IBIZA I built up my clientele and this is where my passion flourished for Bridal Hair….

Now 2022 The Salon is now my sisters baby and I am Full time in Ibiza spreading my Hairdressing love. I am a specialist in Bridal Hair and just love being part of the day. I feel I bring my expertise to the day . Being a Ibiza bride myself I feel I can help in so many ways not just your hair.